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Community Oil Company is a full-service fuel provider to the convenience store and truck stop industry, as well as providing bulk delivery to the agriculture, commercial, and aviation industry. We offer a full line of DEF, oils, grease, lubes and additives. If you are looking for fuel tanks, pumps, hoses, nozzles, or any other accessories we can accommodate all of your needs.

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Staff Experience

Long Time

Staff Experience

Over the years we are proud of the organization we have built. Thanks to our loyal customers and our long time dedicated employees for helping us achieve and sustain our outstanding growth ." - Todd Kanne.

Roger (Chico) is the founder of Community Oil and purchased his first station in 1960. Chico has seen the industry evolve over the years from full-service stations to the convenience store model we see today. He opened his first convenience store in his hometown Lidderdale, Iowa in 1970's. From there he continued as an early pioneer in the industry growing his chain of stores and fuel distribution channels.

Todd Kanne, Roger’s son, is the Vice President of Community Oil Company and the Country Stores of Carroll, Ltd. is He currently serves on the Fuel Iowa Board of Directors.

Todd worked in the business since he was 10 years old. He only took time off to attend UNI graduating in 1986 with a degree in marketing. Before returning to the family business in 1997 Todd worked for various other businesses in Minnesota, Colorado, Georgia, and Nebraska. 

We are proud of our very experienced dedicated staff. They have been instrumental in our growth over the years. 

Roger "Chico" Kanne


Todd Kanne
Todd Kanne

Vice President

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